Annual Stream Clean Up

Team Mt Indigo annually host or participates in a local stream clean up.

Employee Paid “Volunteer” leave

In addition to personal leave, we provide our employees with an optional one week of paid time off to participate in a community, humanitarian, environmental, or faith based service of their choice.

Support of “Fair Trade”

We support the cause of “Fair Trade” by purchasing “Fair Trade” coffee provided to our employees for daily use, and by purchasing “Fair Trade” coffee, chocolate, and teas for customer appreciation gifts and marketing efforts.

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Indigo Ink Digital Printing strives to be environmentally and socially conscious in every action. Green practices are employed in our daily operations including how we print, finish and deliver orders. Volunteering in the community is encouraged among associates.

Indigo Ink Volunteerism in the local community and abroad


Indigo Ink Stewardship and Community Efforts