Indigo Ink Wins Our First Addy!

As a testament to our belief in the power of custom design and marketing, we’ve pushed our own corporate communications to be more targeted, more resonant, and more creative over the past ...
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Save Time by Ordering Online

Great service takes time, and one of our dedicated Project Managers will always be available to discuss the intricate details of your project (the “good old fashioned” way of commerce and communication ...
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Banding Together to Reduce Plastic Waste

After much anticipation here at Indigo, the paper banding machine has arrived! It may not sound (or look) like much, but this is going to save us a lot of time and ...
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Indigoink Team Patapsco River Stream-Cleaning

Turning Over A New Leaf

I love the outdoors and earths wild places. This is where I play. It is where I feel the most alive and spiritually connected. Naturally, it follows that I have a deep ...
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