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For your convenience, we have provided several small format packaging templates available for download and customization. (Although, for all you creative types, you are always welcome to send us your own designed piece for printing and finishing)


Playing Card Box

2.5625″ wide
3.5625″ tall
.625″ deep


Coin Box

3.125″ wide
5.625″ tall
2.125″ deep


Pyramid Box

3.125″ wide
5.625″ tall
2.125″ deep


Square Box

4″ wide
4″ tall
4″ deep


Table Tent

8″ wide
3.5″ tall
5.75″ tall
(to top of circle)


FAQ/Tips and Tricks

How do I request a price quote?
How do I place an order?
What kind of bleed does my file need?
How close to the edge can I set my text?
Do I need to add crop marks?
What is the difference between Black and Rich Black?
Can I set up my text as a Rich Black?
What is the preferred file format?
What .pdf settings should I use?
How do I send native files properly?
Can I submit Microsoft Office files?
Can I use transparency effects in my file?
How can I keep my printed piece from looking purple when I want blue?
Should I set up my file as a RGB or CMYK file?
Will my printed job look like what I see on my monitor?
What resolution should my files be?
How do I set up a White Ink file for the HP Indigo?
How do I set up a White Ink file for Envelope printing?

Paper Swatch Book

Need to see the selection of digital paper stocks for yourself? Click below to ask for an Indigo Ink Digital Printing paper swatch book!

Get the Swatch Book

Digital Die Cut and Score Set Up

Indigo Ink can die cut and score digitally. We are even able to create short run small format packaging. We have a small selection of packages for download on the Templates section of this page.

  • The largest print area for die cutting is 16.4 x 11.5
  • Score Lines and Cut Lines should be .5 points thick
  • Artwork should be on its own layer
  • Score Lines 100% Cyan – Create a separate Layer for Score Lines
  • Cut Lines 100% Magenta – Create a separate Layer for Cut Lines
  • Space between die cuts should be .5”


Envelope Size Chart

Download our Envelope Sizing Chart PDF

Envelopes-guide Download

White Ink set up “how-to” Guide

  • Step 1: Create a new Spot Color Named “HP White 1” – that’s HP (space) White (space) 1. You must name the spot color that exact name or it will not work. Make the spot color 100% Magenta so it is easy to see.
  • Step 2: Set any elements desired to print with white ink to fill with “HP White 1”.
  • Step 3: When putting white under an image or text, contract the white area by 2 pixels, otherwise registration may be off.
  • Step 4: Set all areas for white ink on TOP of all other elements (even though it will print underneath).
  • Step 5: Set all white ink elements to ‘overprint fill’ and ‘overprint stroke’ accordingly (found in the attributes panel in InDesign / Illustrator).
  • Step 6: Make sure all PMS and Spot colors are set to convert to CMYK except the HP White 1 Spot color.
  • Step 7: Output PDF with Bleeds and Crops.

Note: If printing a full color image on dark stock it’s best to set a layer of white ink under the image area. The image will print on top of the white layer and will show up better. Set up is the same as above – white goes on top of the image in the file, set to overprint.

How to set up a White Ink file for the HP Indigo

“Advanced” White Ink Set Up

Print Collect - White InkFor most projects that use white ink the white is placed under a full color image and/or text to make that image or text pop on a dark stock. When that is done the white ink is set to 100% opacity.

As we print on our HP Indigo, we hit the white ink 4 times on the press to achieve a more opaque white. There are creative ways to use white ink to achieve varying levels of opacity. Say for instance you are designing an image with clouds. You can use up to 4 different white spot colors. HP White 1, HP White 2, HP White 3, HP White 4 to vary the opacity/depth of the white.

When designing you can stack the white spot colors on top of each other to achieve a more opaque white. HP White 1 can be set to a lower opacity and will hit one time on the press. Each other spot color labeled HP White 2, HP White 3, and HP White 4 will also hit once, but using this method will achieve varying levels of opacity which will show a level of depth to the printed image.

How to set up a White Ink file for Envelope printing

  • Set all items to print as 100% black
  • Let us know when you place the order that everything is to print 100% solid white