Offset Quality Digital Printing
Including White Ink and Digital Foil Stamping

Indigo Ink is a full-service printing company providing the latest high-performance services with environmental impact always in mind. We define ourselves by what we call the indigoqualities…

indigorgeous… We are print craftsmen/women…we totally geek out over this stuff!
indigogogo… We never stop moving forward…always improving.
indigoodwill… We care deeply about our team, our community, and the environment.
indigoldenrule… We don’t look good unless you look good.

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Latest Updates from the Blog

Indigoink Team Patapsco River Stream-Cleaning

Turning Over A New Leaf

I love the outdoors and earths wild places. This is where I play. It is where I feel the most ...
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White Ink Printed on Vellum

White Ink Printing

Although Indigo Ink has had this capability for quite some time, it remains unique in the world of digital print ...
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Digital Foil Stamping Demo

Digital Foil Stamping

Foil stamping is no longer only cost-effective for large quantity offset printing. Indigo Ink Printing is now offering digital foil ...
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